Testimonials from Family Members

“Doug Casper’s team has been a support for our son for several months now; he is stable, has a job, and is nine months sober. He is a very complex case, with serious mental illness and serious consequences from his drug abuse. His case manager was there for our whole family through multiple crises. Our son would simply not have made it this far in his recovery without Doug Casper’s team”


“[Doug Casper’s team] provided for our daughter a seamless program staffed with thoughtful, caring, but tough recovery minded sober companions who have “been around the block” and practice what it means to live one day at a time.”


“I don’t know what we would have done without Doug Casper and his team. Not living in the same city as our son, they have been of immediate assistance when we have needed it most. The staff are knowledgeable and think outside of the box when trying to resolve problems. They are good at interfacing with other members of our son’s medical team and have made a difference in his continuing sobriety. I highly recommend them for any family looking for that extra one-on-one assistance and to provide peace of mind to parents.”

J.S., family member

“Our son has a long history of addiction. We worked with Doug to select a rehab program catered to our son’s needs. Doug transported our son and met with the rehab staff, giving them details of our son’s addiction and behavior. When our son returned from the rehab after six months, he reached out to Doug and started working with Ron Patrick for individual counseling and also attended the Tuesday night men’s session. Using their services, we were able to set boundaries with our son and have a professional, caring staff intercede on our behalf.”

Parents in the East Bay

“The unwavering commitment and fierce dedication demonstrated by Doug and his team was extraordinary. Their uninterrupted determination to get my son in a safe environment was above and beyond all expectation. They not only protected my son, they supported me 24/7 through this extremely heartbreaking, volatile process. Their expertise and guidance led us to a path filled with hope and healing.”


“We’ve consulted with Doug Casper off and on for the past year because our 17-year-old son has been struggling with marijuana addiction. Doug has been supportive, helpful, and professional — and is one of the few experts we’ve spoken with who has actually been able to make a solid connection with our son. The reason: Doug’s real-world experience and no-nonsense manner make him easier for some kids to relate to than traditional therapists. Doug Casper’s company is our go-to place for drug testing and advice on issues large and small”

Family member

“Our family had the good fortune to find Doug Casper after our son had been in many highly regarded residential treatment programs. At the end of each stay he was clean and sober, determined to stay well, avoid self-medicating, and return to putting his life together. It didn’t happen.

At that time we did not realize that the most important elements of his recovery had not been addressed:

  1. His real problems were never properly treated or diagnosed.
  2. There was no practical plan for after care.

By the time he made his way to California, he was in real trouble. It was only by great good luck that we were referred to a doctor who soon referred us to Doug Casper and company.

Our son has been in the program for over a year now. There is no doubt that Doug Casper and the caring Personal Recovery Assistants saved his life.

His problems have now been correctly addressed and a strong outpatient program has been put in place. Our son is finally recovering and for the first time in years, we are looking forward to the future.”

G.C. and M.C., parents